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Struggling with ideas for your new nail set? Why not pay homage to the beloved era of the 90s? Icons like Lisa Bonet, Lil Kim and Missy Elliot paved the way for unique looks that transcend time and look as fresh as they did back then. Forget boring nails with no personality. Pull focus with these iconic 90s trends:


gems and maroon coffin nails + french tips

@jeanettes.nails is an up and coming, self taught nail tech from Pasco, Washington. She’s in love with the process and a true 90s connoisseur. For head turning gem designs look no further than her home-based studio. Shade in Merlot.

Level up your nail set with gems and crystals for a true 90s experience. With the rise of the hip hop scene, female artists like Lil Kim took bling to the next level. Adorning their nails with gems, crystals, and rhinestones, they sparkled all over MTV. They had the hands of royalty. This wasn’t the time to fit in! The greats knew that and capitalized on it. Ready to achieve this look? A good artist is key. Especially when it comes to long-lasting application.


iridescent glitter gel polish on brown acrylic + long coffin nails

Perfect glitter nails with the shade Gold Digger

Body glitter, glitter shoes and glitter fabrics are obvious pillars of 90s fashion. When it comes to nails, replicating these sparkle trends and striving for almost plastic looking nails was a hit. Pack on the glitter and sparkle for your next nail set to truly live and breathe 90s. You’ll turn heads without the gems. Or add gems to combine the trend for the most extra nail look that catches the eye. Glitter nails will bring the party to your day-to-day. Reserving this style only for New Years should be criminal! 


black and white gel polish airbrush design with hearts and stars

90s airbrush look by @jeanettes.nail with shades Black Venom and Coldest Winter

True 90s babies will remember the airbrush nails that were hitting the airwaves in music videos and magazine posters alike. Designer monograms, complicated patterns and original designs make airbrush nail sets, the most 90s thing ever. Get ready to receive a lot of compliments and be the trendsetter in your friend group.


sunset ombre nails

Ombre look by Owner, Britanie Manning. Use our Glossy Non-Wipe Top Coat for a complete look.

Playing with color has been a huge part of this era. Ombre effect is pleasing to the eye and even more impressive on a nail set. Contrary to popular belief, it has never gone out of style. Ombre keeps resurfacing in new ways in the present decade (balayage hair is a good example). You’ll never be tired of looking at your nails with a real piece of art right at your fingertips.

Colorful Animal Print

rainbow zebra nails on natural nails

Achieved with shades Baby Boy, Angelica, Island Gyal, Wimbeldon and Pretty in Pink.

Wacky, attention-grabbing animal prints have been resurfacing on a lot of celebs like Cardi B. And for good reason! Experimenting with bright colors under various animal prints, makes the nails pop in a unique way. While classic zebra, leopard and cheetah prints are always in vogue, adding bright colors with the prints really bring out the 90s nostalgia. This nail style is sexy and fun, and looks best wrapped around a cocktail in Miami.

Dark Colors

black gel polish on square medium length acrylic nails

You can’t go wrong with our classic Black Venom shade.

Taking a break from lots of color and excess, darker colors also mark the era. Think Lisa Bonet’s sultry vibes. True neutral staples of the 90s are dark moody hues: wine red, brown and classic black. Mostly incorporated into makeup looks, especially lipstick, you can relive the grungier era through your nails. Armed with these hues, you can pull of a grunge tribute to the scene of the time. These colors aren’t just reserved for fall and winter although that’s a great time to rock them as well. Pair these nails with any leather you have in your closet and get ready to break hearts.

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July 02, 2024